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carcosan collaborations

Cavalli Files IV and Bonus - Paralabs and LOTH

Paolo’s brilliant 2007 book in collaboration with Joshua Quinn, Greg Arce and Bruce Ballon which received recommendations like this when it first came out:

Jerome Finley wrote:

I've just finished reading "The Flytrap Experience" and am extremely happy with it and very impressed. All of the contributors have done an excellent job and the ebook is filled with dynamite routines, ideas and applications for this clever, clever device.

As a utility, the flytrap has managed to solve some of the problems and issues I've run into with various effects and pieces. So cheap and EASY to make (in a matter of minutes and for a buck or two!), a performer could not go wrong with this purchase. When we take into account the monies being offered to charity and the fact that neither Paolo or the contributors HAD TO do this, it becomes an even more welcome addition and one that you should all be very proud of.

If Paolo has taught me anything, it is that simplicity is key and the direct route is often best. The Flytrap is a perfect example of his thinking, and what an effective tool to use! I've been playing and working with mine all day, and the possibilities are unfolding in heaps before me.
... To Greg Arce, Bruce Ballon, Joshua Quinn, Eddie Garland and Paolo Cavalli . . . THANK YOU!!!... This is a fantastic offering and highly recommended.

Jerome Finley




Impulse by Christopher Taylor and Bruce Ballon

im·pulse [im-puhls]

  1. the influence of a particular feeling, mental state, etc.
  1. sudden, involuntary inclination prompting to action
  1. a psychic drive or instinctual urge.
  1. an impelling action or force, driving onward or inducing motion.

It is a subtle, almost unconscious, cueing device to have participants feel and respond at key points in a performance. It can be used to create the “magic” or “mental” feeling of a moment as an add-on convincer to other effects. Give an object, such as a key or a coin, a “psychometric” charge! Make pendulums dance – without directly touching them!



Click on the above image to find out how to obtain this spooky creation

Do spirits exist? Demonstrate they do under the most incredible conditions…
Capture EVP on a BORROWED smart phone! Any phone that can record sound!

Using the voice recorder function of a BORROWED cell phone (not from a stooge or confederate), it is turned on as the performer asks questions to the netherworld. No one hears any answers to the questions posed… yet when the phone’s voice recording is played back…

Necromancy 21st century style?!?

This is but one function of the “Cesaral Spirit Sounds” and in the hands of an imaginative mystery performer, it will allow you to create powerful presentations that will make your audience experience simulated supernatural communications!

(If you are wondering what was the collaboration - the Carcosians helped write up the blurbs, looked over the manual, beta tested the unit, gave suggestions for add in remotes etc. for more utility and other little nigglies).


Limited Edition of the Outlaw Effects TOYBOX

in collaboration with the Carcosa Collection




Click on the above image to find out how to obtain this hellish creation



Limited run of 23 handcrafted artifacts


The Carcosa Yellow Sign, associated motifs and backstory © Bruce Ballon used with permission



The box’s age was unknown… the artisan unknown… its purpose… unknown.

This sinister relic has passed through the hands of various occultists, collectors of the arcane, and investigators of the bizarre.  Most who have had it in their possession for a time have either gone mad or died under horrible circumstances.

The Yellow Signs emblazoned upon its surfaces…signified that this artifact was clearly cursed… worst than cursed.

The only existing account of the powers of the item was written by the Abbot Baruch, reported to dabble with alchemy and demonology:

“The Reliquary of Carcosa is mine at last.  Its mirrored interior does reflect and connect into the gallery of shadows of the Palace itself.  I have been able to materialize and solidify the nightmare essence – the bedrock of Carcosa itself, with the proper rituals.  The substance brought forth is alive… it moves… it can change its shape… and allows the light of the twin suns of the Hyades to shine forth.  I can sometimes even detect the scent of the alien worlds the reliquary is a bridge to… “

The Abbot Baruch was reported one day to run through the academy, a dark substance covering him, consuming him… falling in front of his peers he literally dissolved into a puddle of nightdark ooze that then shimmered into nothingness.


Now the Reliquary has come into YOUR possession… dare you unlock its secrets?


All purchasers of the limited edition will also receive a special item from the Carcosa Collection itself to go along with the rituals of the Reliquary, along with a Certificate of Authentication signed by the Keeper.








Click Image Above to find out how to get one


A Spirit bell designed for the discriminating sorcerer


Christopher Taylor and Bruce Ballon have teamed to bring you a spirit bell for the 21st century that is perfect for séance, mentalism, magic or bizarre performances. Yes, it has many features that other Spirit Bells on the market already have but it also provides theatrical advantages that none other can match!

Spectators not only hear the bell ring, but they will also SEE the plunger fall and rise!

Death Toll has a disarming mundane, ordinary appearance!

Rings as often as you want, the instant you want it to.

Hands off radio control from 50 feet away.

Bell’s dome can be removed to “accidentally prove” it is ordinary

AND, it can be used as a spectator cueing device. Cause a spectator to think THEY RANG THE BELL proving THEY are psychic!


Comes with brass electronic counter bell, transmitter, plug-in toe-switch, and instructional directions. The CD-ROM contains a pdf with video directions and Bruce Ballon’s incredible routines. Bruce also includes an in-depth honest comparison of Death Toll to the other major Spirit devices on the market.




Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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