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Hob's Lane LIVES

The Carcosa Collection is proud to feature the finds at Hob’s Lane at Knightbridge, London England.  Formerly displayed in Nicklin Museum of Natural History, the disaster that devastated the area when the main artifact transformed into a psychic weapon led the artifacts to be destroyed, lost or stolen.  Many have been recovered by the Keepers of the Collection for your astonished senses.

The mutant hominid

Included are the prehuman hominid remains found at the excavation that led into the discovery of the five million year old craft from Mars and the unearthly creatures within.  Although the main ship vanished, drawings still remain of it and its interior, which contain strange occult symbols and formula that seem to correspond to hyperdimensional mathematics.  Some have used these equations to create Psychokinetic effects and other mental phenomena.  The lid of the ship, that was taken away from the main ship for experiments, broken into fragments from the ending of the Hob’s Lane Menace, have been mostly recovered.  Some of these pieces resonate still with the power to evoke the ancient Martian mental images and thoughts embedded within and project them into the human mind.   The files that Professor.Quatermass amassed when he investigated deeper into the history of the area, are also on display, from newspaper clippings back to accounts dating back to mideval times about devils and ghosts, all tending to be centred on incidents where the ground was disturbed.  Professor Roney’s device, the "optic-encephalogram", has been partially reconstructed and is on display – it was this device that could impressions from the optical centres of the brain, in effect showing whatever the subject is seeing, hallucinatory or not. This resulted in capturing on film an ancient, violent, bloody purge of the Martian hive, to root out unwanted mutations.

The Hull

According to Quatermass’s theories on the event, he believed that in its most primitive phase mankind was visited by this race. Some humans were taken away and genetically altered to have special abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and other psychic powers. They were then brought back to Earth — the buried artefact was one of the return ships that had crashed. The idea was that, with their home world dying, the aliens had tried to change humanity's ancestors to have minds and abilities like theirs, created in their own mental image, but with a bodily form adapted to Earth. In effect, humanity are the Martians.  However, the plan was a partial failure: the aliens died out before completing their work, and as the human race bred and further evolved, only a percentage of it retained these abilities, with even these only surfacing sporadically. For centuries the buried ship itself had been occasionally triggering these dormant abilities. This explained the reports of poltergeists, people were unknowingly using their own telekinesis to move objects around them, the ghost sightings being traces of a race memory. It also explained the history of witchcraft and why people attributed it to a being they identified as the devil; the pentagram would have been the symbol for this alien race.


Despite his warnings, the ship was activated during a governemt media event.  Glowing and humming like a living thing, the alien hull drawed upon multiple energy sources and awakened  the ancient racial programming. Those people of London in whom the alien admixture remained strong felll under the ship's influence; merging into a group mind they began a telekinetic mass murder of those without the alien genes, an 'ethnic cleansing’ of those that the alien race mind considered impure and weak.  Quatermass and Roney found a way to halt the menace... however, the Carcosa Collection will not be sharing that secret.

In the Pit...


Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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