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The Belasco House once stood six miles from the tiny community of Caribou Falls, Maine at the end of a gravel road off Highway 16, twenty miles north of Madison near the Carrabassett River. It was a massive Gothic Romanesque edifice replete with stone turrets, gargoyles and faces decorated across the roof. Resembling a British castle, the interior was splendidly furnished with fine fixtures, baroque carvings and erotic sexual artwork and carvings. At least forty rooms filled the spacious mansion, including a grand hall that features an indoor chapel once dedicated to damnation, an indoor swimming room and steam room. The massive stronghold circles around an enclosed garden courtyard overlooked by the upstairs bedrooms.

Nicknamed “The Mount Everest of Haunted Houses,” the Belasco House was one of the most imposing structures ever dedicated to the madness and venal desires of one man. Three investigations were conducted in the halls of this enormous edifice devoted to sin. One investigator found the interior structure to be so oppressive and cold that he dubbed it “Hell House” based on the carnal activities once enacted in its walls. The structure would still be standing with its secrets except for some of the families of the sirvivors of the previous investigations burned it to the ground.

The builder and lord of Hell House, Emeric Belasco, was born in 1879, the illegitimate son of an American munitions maker named Myron Sandler and Noelle Belasco, a British actress. He was described as a melancholic young man given into malicious acts. He reportedly hung a cat to see if it would revive for the second of its nine lives and when it didn’t, he chopped the cat into pieces and flung the pieces out the window. His mother nicknamed him “Evil Emeric.”  At ten and a half, Emeric committed incest with his younger sister. She was sent to a hospital for two months and he was sent to a private school where homosexual teachers mentally and physically abused him. One teacher was invited to Emeric’s home for a week, and at the end, the teacher went home and hung himself.  Belasco meanwhile grew from a tiny child into a huge figure of a man within a few years. He became known as “The Roaring Giant.”

The Remains of the Roaring Giant

Emeric later inherited several thousand pounds from his mother and half a million from his father. He built the house in Caribou Falls in 1919 largely on the inheritance left by his mother. He started throwing lavish parties, which were innocent at first, with himself as the epitome of a perfect host. In late 1928 to early 1929, he began caving into his degradation. He began candid and open discussions upon sexuality and vices and started having orgies dedicated to decadence. Fine dining turned to gluttony, drinking became drunkenness.  Drug addition soon mounted. His own sister died on a heroin overdose in his presence after serving as his mistress for several years behind his wife’s back. He married two more times and had a son, Daniel Myron Belasco born in November 4, 1903. He mysteriously vanished sometime in the 1920s.

Where Daniel ended up...

He conducted contests for the most incredibly vile ideas. He began importing hunchbacks, dwarves, hermaphrodites and every conceivable grotesque to mingle with his guests or indulge them. Every vice including sadism, brutality, bestiality, mutilation, sodomy, necrophilia, cannibalism, perversion, murder, vampirism and even drug addiction occurred as Belasco walked the house observing the carnage of his guests. The servants left in disgust and the guests had to tend, forage and clean up for themselves. Fights occurred as guests fought for food. Thirteen female guests became pregnant. As an epidemic of influenza hit the house, Belasco had the house sealed and bound his guests to the house. No longer being maintained, the generator conked out and guests were left to darkness. A version of a Roman circus was held as a virgin was fed to a tiger and watched by drug-addicted doctors in fascination. Everyone but Belasco had been reduced to the level of animals – rarely bathing, eating and drinking everything, wearing torn and soiled clothing and killing each other for the essentials of food, water, liquor, drugs, sex, blood and even the taste of human flesh.  Everyone was cannibalistic by then. Belasco walked distantly among them dressed in black and observing and enjoying the hell he’d created.

Belasco House Library

In the spring of 1929, relatives of the guests were finally able to break in and found everyone dead from one cause or another. Emeric Belasco was not among them.


It was the local police and state authorities that started the suspicions that the house was haunted as they scoured the house for a trace of Belasco. A 1931 paranormal investigation on site ended suspiciously. All four investigators were found dead of one reason or another. Rational logic and thinking surmised that a still living Emeric Belasco had returned to the house and had killed them.

Into Hell

A second investigation was not started until 1940. Staying in the same rooms as the bodies were found in, the paranormal explorers recorded a deluge of weird events geared specifically for their weaknesses and preferences. Medium Grace Lauter jumped off a balcony to her death and shattered her legs, Physicist Dr. Anton Graham crawled out of the house to die from a stroke, Head of the Chemistry Department at Oxford Professor Edmund Rand became paralyzed in an accident and Psychic investigator Professor Gerald Finley was crippled in an accident and committed to an asylum. Sole survivor, thirteen-year-old psychic prodigy Benjamin Franklin Fischer, was found naked on the front step in the fetal position. 
The third investigation is now history and required reading for those seriously into hauntings.

Ghost under the sheets

The Carcosa Collection has obtained the remains within the secret room in the Chapel, the secret chamber in the cellar, and various artifacts that were smuggled out of the mansion before its destruction.   Also the Reversor plans and a partial reconstruction of Barret's device are on display.


The EMR  Reversor



Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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