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Casting the Runes


"Dr. James has, it is clear, an intelligent and scientific knowledge of human nerves and feelings; and knows just how to apportion statement, imagery, and subtle suggestions in order to secure the best results with his readers. He is an artist in incident and arrangement"
H.P. Lovcraft in Supernatural Horror in Literature


Come Whistle

English writer, antiquarian, and academic, widely regarded as one of the greatest practitioners of supernaturalist short fiction; his specialty was the antiquarian ghost story. Many of James's ghost stories were written to be read aloud as Christmas Eve entertainment to select gatherings of friends at Cambridge.


A warning Canon Alberic's Scrapbook Crumpled Linen

James' most important and well-known works are those collected in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary and its sequel, More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. Hence, the Carcosa Collection is proud to present Antiques from the most spine chilling Jamesian tales…

Antiques from an Antiquarian

In the dusty displays you will find the scrapbooks of Cannon Alberic; strange scrolls describing the ritual of extending life through ghastly rituals; weird mezzotints as well as bizarre dollhouses; the seeds for a ghastly Ash Tree; artifacts from a strange hotel that may or may not have a room 13; the relics of Count Magnus; sinister ancient whistles that can summon things you wish wouldn’t come; the tractate Middoth; the secret of Casting the Runes; and other horrific treasures.

Sage advice

Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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There is a concept that is the corrupter and destroyer of all others. I speak not of Evil, whose limited empire is that of ethics; I speak of the infinite.

-Jorge Luis Borges