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Carcosian competitions in the Court of Shadows 


Below are the submissions that were allowed to be shared on this site by the authors.

Methods have been edited / cloaked somewhat by Castaigne and his Custodes.



Death Toll






The entries were evaluated on originality, innovation, & depth of content.  Those that focused more on using the Bell as a core feature (even if covert) received more weight to their submissions.  They were all amazing but “Therrrr can beee onlie one!” winner… but since there were so many great ideas… the Keeper decided to create a second place award and honourable mentions.




TAKE A NUMBER by Handa – the premise, the narrative, the props, the use of the bell, all pointed to this being a unique and deserving presentation for first place.


Chris will receive the Leather Card Case version of the Arcana Carcosa and the DVD No Batteries Required from Christopher Taylor.




HAUNTED HOTEL by Jamie Salinas - Dolls... creepy dolls... how can you go wrong?  It also features a wonderful blending of techniques and the use of the bell in its most potent form… a psychological convincer in the face of the supernatural!


Jamie will receive an Arcana Carcosa boxed set for his submission.





  • TIMMY/ HOTEL CLERK / RING FOR THE GODS - Dsacks – found a beautiful way to use the engraving concept in Timmy… the combination of spook photo and bell in the clerk… and the eye bit in the last… this triptych of terror is deserving of something sweet.


  • WHISPERS - Walter Davis – an investigation into what is real or not… science or superstitions?


  • THE MARRIAGE BELL by Barneyfife – the only happy presentation submission – showing how one can use mystery narratives for good feelings besides the usual dark emotional evocation routines.


Each will receive a small physical gift from the Collection




The rest of all the submitters will receive a PDF containing an effect designed by Dr Spektor that was published in the now legendary ORACLE magazine – after all, sharing concepts and ideas is what this was all about.


And now... the submissions!





One of my favorite childhood memories is all of the trips to the meat market down the hill from my grandmother's house. It was within walking distance, so we would walk down every Saturday that I visited. She would get a pound or less of freshly-sliced meat, and Joe, the owner and butcher, would always slice off a piece of whatever he was preparing and gave it to me to eat while I was in the store. It wasn¡¦t candy, but it didn¡¦t matter. It was a gift from a caring adult who took good care of all of his customers and their families.

These items, however, are not from Joe's shop. I received them when friends were cleaning out their house. The ground floor housed a neighborhood deli, very much like Joe¡¦s . The items were all in an old milk crate, and both friends tell me that they needed to get rid of these reminders, but were afraid to throw them away. These were also the only items left from the meat counter: a service bell, a meat cleaver, some "take a number" tickets, and the "Now Serving" sign.

The newlyweds were told that the original owner suffered from dementia, which progressed rapidly when he grew older. A neighborhood game involved the children coming into the store, ringing the service bell when the owner¡¦s back was turned, and then hiding below the counter or around the corner. When the owner ¡§found¡¨ them, he would give them a piece of meat or cheese, and then jokingly either shoo them out of the store or take them to the guardian still shopping. It was a fun game that the owner enjoyed prior to the dementia. One day, almost out of nowhere, he yelled at the three children who had come in with their quarters to buy sodas after playing a hard game of kickball in the street outside.

Word spread quickly that the game was to stop. Parents had conversations with their children at dinner and the owner's wife apologetically made excuses when she was in the store. More often than not, somebody was close to the meat counter to make sure that the bell would not be rung out of turn.

Then, the owner started hearing the ringing of the bell when nobody was there. His wife installed a "take a number¨ system that had been given to them by one of the packing companies as a promotional item some time before to minimize the ringing of the bell. Out of habit, many regulars still used the bell, though, and you could see that the owner was becoming increasingly anxious. His wife eventually put the bell behind the counter, but the owner would still hear the ringing, and this occurred with increasing frequency.

One day, in full work mode and cleaver in hand, the owner began to turn around every two or three minutes, shouting "Who needs help?¨ with increasing intensity every time he did so. Only once or twice were people there, as only the most loyal locals even dared to come into the store at this point. By his wife's report, after about 20 of these episodes, he put both hands to his head, screamed very loudly, and with cleaver still in hand, rushed toward the meat counter as if it were not there at all. He fell over it, shattering shelves as he went over, and collapsed in a heap in the aisle, clutching the cleaver, muttering, and apparently writing something on the cleaver over and over as if it were a chalk board or tablet. Fortunately, the bumps, bruises, and cuts were minor. He nicked his right forefinger with the cleaver, and although the injury was minor and only required stitches, he bled a lot and it was a frightening sight for his wife and the three or four people in the store at the time.

The other damage, however, was irreparable. The owner never made it out of the hospital, as he was immediately transferred to psychiatric care. His wife tried to maintain the store, but other family would not help, potential hires never returned after the first visit, and she spent more and more time visiting her husband in the hospital. Eventually she closed her doors and put the building up for sale so that she could move closer to the hospital. This was well over 25 years ago, and only recently have developers converted the former storefront into living space to sell to my friends. Both owners are reported to have passed away about 10 years ago, according to the real estate agent. Since these items were direct links to the previous owners, the couple decided to display them as knick-knacks on a shelf on their new living room on the ground floor.

They played this game once, to decide who would clean up a mess in the living room. When the strange thing occurred, they found other ways to divide chores between the two of them. What they did was each draw one number from a bag to see who came the closest to the last number on the board. Since only about 20 of the original 100 numbers remained, it would be a fun game to decide who did the dishes, take out the trash, or whatever. It was my female friend who came up with this idea and she is also the one who does not want this stuff in her home any more. Let me show you why.

If you would not mind helping me, please take a number. Wait¡KI should ask you first, would you like me to choose first or would you like to go first?
Very well, then I'll pick. Now it is your turn.
I have number 89. What number do you have?

Interesting. The number 37 is what my female friend drew. She was not amused when the bell rang, and her husband went pale when he saw the number, as both knew who "won¨ the game.

37 was the last number on the board the day that the store closed for good. In fact, it is also what the owner was writing on the back of the meat cleaver, as the blood stains still show us.


Death Toll setup
C***e Bag: I would suggest either the commercially made Grocery Bag or making one out of two brown paper lunch bags. However, other c***e/s******g devices are usable. I have one that looks like a bank deposit bag and another that looks like an old burlap feed sack, so mine are already kind of theme-appropriate.
Also, the clear Ziploc type work well. I have some from Jay Sankey and another more durable setup from Carlyle. Both are practical and easy to use.
Pick a Number Tickets: You can still find the plastic tiles that were used at deli counters! If you score one of these sets, or can find some random numbers with duplicates of one number, then you are golden. I found sets on eBay as new items from a grocery supply dealer, so these can still be found both new and used.
Rolls of 3,000 individual paper tickets are available for about $8.00 online or from a supply outlet. You can get 20-30 random numbers with the same number of duplicate "pick a number¨ tags from the same roll, as the numbers cycle from 0-100. Everybody ignores the other designations then they use them in real life, so a letter or other code is dismissible.
Sign: This can be the electric sign, a deli chalk board (has a Boar's Head or other Deli Meat logo on the top and a writing surface below), or the sign portion of an older "pick a number"¨ plastic tile system. If it were me, I would obtain a promotional branded deli meat sign just because it is more my style. Pre-write or set to the force number. I used "37"¨ in case somebody wants to do a psychological f****.
Cleaver: In red, finger paint the f***e  on the cleaver. You will need to do this several times and may need to use a brush, and then go over the red with your finger in order to make the number clear enough for the audience to read. Do what you need to do here.
M.O. Place the sign with the reveal facing away from the audience. Place the cleaver with the red writing face down on the table.
Tell the story. Use the c***e bag to f***e the number on the spectator and get a random number for yourself. Again, adapt performance to the workings of the prop, or use the psychological force without the tickets if you so desire.
You may use the bell less than three times if you choose. The first one is to generate that element of surprise, the other two are window dressing, and may be used or omitted to the taste of the performer. You could also make the bell fire multiple times just prior to the reveal if you chose to do so.



An unscripted idea:

I wanted to work on a script to do a "Room Service Meets Barclay House" type thing. Multiple spectators check in to a hotel that burned down years ago by generating a random room number with single digit selections and the possibility of some simple math to further randomize the selection. For inspiration, they are in the presence of actual front desk items recovered from the fire: A "ring for service" bell and a mail/deposit box to channel the spirits of those killed in the fire. When the number is written and revealed to the audience, the bell rings. Inside of the box is a key with the matching room number.

M.O.'s at work:

*Of course, the bell
*Optional repainted drawer box (my inspiration comes from one that we repainted and distressed to look like a crude chest) which could be shown empty and the key can apparate

Room Number Divination:

(A) Old "Room Service" prop or another version of the Koran Medallion attached to a key (I always liked this version)
(2) Key Fob with 1089 Pre-printed on it in order to do the 1089 Force (I have one of these from years ago)
(Zed) Use of an A*-a-# P*d with the bell ringing after the total is added up by the final spectator

In all of the above, the ringing of the bell should be timed to just before the final spectator completes the final bit of business to get the number. A dropped note pad would sell things even more!



The Marriage Bell

(box is placed on table)
Sean Kelly’s and Sarah Murphy’s Irish families had been in the United States for over a hundred years. So it was an astonishment that a great-Aunt Kathleen O’Sullivan was coming to their wedding from the old country, Ireland. The bigger surprise was that she brought them a gift. She held the gift in her lap during the ceremony and didn’t place it among the other gifts. Afterwards Sean and Sarah went to pay their respects to her and that was when she gave them the gift and asked them open it. (open box and take out the bell) Inside was a bell. Aunt Kathleen explained that it was a marriage bell or make-up bell. She said that it was a Celtic tradition that every couple should receive one as a wedding gift. The bell was to be placed in their home. When they had a disagreement, one of them could ring the bell to end the discord and declare a truce without an admission of fault. She and her husband Brandon had received this very bell when they had married. And many a time in their 62 years of marriage either she or Brandon had rung the bell and so preserved their union. Sometimes love needed a help by evoking benevolent energies of the 'Little People'. The 'Little People,' also known as Tolilahqui (Toh-lil-a-kway), by ringing a bell. They thanked her for the kind gesture. The bell was placed back in the box and forgotten. ( put bell back in box)
Three years later happy times were not in the Murphy home. Sarah was three months pregnant with their first child and Sean’s hours had been cut back. Money became tight and the arguments began. Sean and Sarah weren’t sure of anything anymore, not even if their love for each other was strong enough to keep them together or if another mouth in the family to feed was truly a blessing. The night came after a tremendous fight that they couldn’t even speak to each other. They got ready for bed having not spoken to each other for hours. Sean couldn’t admit that his anger was not at Sarah, but was the product of not being able to provide for Sarah and the coming child. That he would not be a true husband and father as his had been. Somehow falling short of what was expected of him. Sarah thought that it was completely her fault, for her desire to have a child and to become a family. Neither spoke as they got into bed. This was the first time that things had not resolved before bed. This was the first time that they had not professed their love for each other and they would get thru the challenges. Minutes after they had gone to sleep they awoke hearing a noise from the living room. ( bell rings) The sound of a bell ringing. They went to the closet and removed the box where the bell was kept. The bell was removed from the box; ( bell rings again) thus ending the discord and declaring a truce. They remembered Aunt Kathleen and her gesture which they both had brushed off three years previously. The bell was placed on the mantle in a place of importance. Six months later when the child was born they heartily agreed on the name for the child, they named her Kathleen.


Kold Kase

The séance is taking place in the historic district, in an old shop. The medium plays a short video on his laptop to introduce the particular device he will be using to communicate with the spirits.


He then displays a newspaper article as he explains. “This building we are in was a dry goods store shop owned by Herbert Walton. His wife had died several years ago. His daughter Bridget, who just turned twenty one, ran the shop most of the time. Herbert spent a lot of his time traveling, finding deals on bolts of cloth and other items to add to the inventory of the store. One day Bridget disappeared. Two days later she was found drowned in the lake.”

“Some suspected suicide. It was several months since her suitor, a mister William Carter of Baltimore, left town. He had promised to send for her and they were to marry. Instead she did not hear from him, and he did not answer her letter.”

“Others suspected a vagrant that had been seen around town and disappeared around the same time that Bridget vanished.”

The medium brings out a bag and removes from it the Konxari cards. The cards are displayed as the medium explains, “We are going to use these cards to try to contact Bridget’s spirit, and perhaps solve this cold case. Could it have been murder? Was it an accident?” The Murder, Accident, and Lake cards are flashed. “What happened at that lake that day?”

The cards are mixed by everyone present. The medium brings out a parchment holding the Konxari Call, and all parties intone the words in unison:

“Calling to those
For whom we can’t see
Through the Konxari
Please speak to me.

Konxari by day
Konxari by night
Open this door
To show us the light.”

The medium then spreads the cards, turning the top eight cards face up in a particular order and placement. As he turns the cards face up, he explains “the cards are sometimes read as Who,” the medium turns of the first card, the Father card with an ankh glyph and number 1, “What,” the second card is the Suicide card with the letter R and a skull, “Where,” the third card, the Closet card with the letter D and the symbol for chaos, “When,” the fourth card is the Auditory card with the letter H and a yellow dot, “Why,” the fifth card is the Love card with the letter T and a footprint, “How,” the sixth card is the Hiding card with the letter B and the astrological sign for Libra. “The Problem,” the seventh card is the Secret card, with the letter G and an arrow, “and the Solution.” The eighth and final card is the Visual card with the number 2 and a skeleton key glyph.

“The Father card might represent her father, Herbert. The Suicide card may answer the question what. She apparently committed suicide, and that may be why her spirit is at rest.

“And I know what the Ankh glyph stands for. I have a box with me that that has an ankh symbol on it that came from the original store.” He brings out the box and opens it. “It holds the store’s counter bell. If someone entered the store and Bridget was in the back stockroom, the patron could ring this bell and Bridget would come and assist them. I brought the bell here with me tonight because I am hoping that if we ring the bell, her spirit will come as she was trained in life.” He rings the bell twice. “Bridget, come to us.”

There is a long pause, followed by silence. “While we await her response, we should further study the cards. The astrological sign for Libra is on the Hiding card. Libra covers the time between September 24th through October 23rd. That was the time of her death, October 21st.”

The medium uses a pad of paper and pen to write down the letters on the cards, making it easier to study them. R-D-H-T-B-G. “Using the One as an I, it could spell out R-1-G-H-T. But I don’t know what that might mean.” He looks upward and directs a question to the spirit. “What are you trying to communicate to us?” He addresses the group. “Do you see any clues in the cards? In the letters? Any other clues?”

Some members of the séance party might spell part of Bridget’s name from the letters. Others might read Herbert’s name. The skull glyph may represent Bridget’s death. The chaos glyph may indicate the unknown, to this day. “The footprint glyph stands for journey or travel. Herbert traveled a lot as part of his job, searching for bargains on inventory for his store.”

The medium appears to suddenly realize something. “Do you know what? I believe that we may have contacted the spirit of Herbert rather than of that of Bridget.” The bell rings once, all by itself. The company can see the button of the bell move. “I would take that as a yes.”

“Herbert, is that you? What else can you tell us, Herbert? Did your daughter commit suicide?” He gestures toward the Suicide card. “Why did she commit suicide.” There is no response. The bell sits idle.

“The cards Visual and Auditory mean that the spirits may communicate with us by those means. The Visual may be these cards themselves. I believe the Auditory card is suggesting the ringing of the bell.”

If nobody in the séance party has suggested it by now, the medium points out other clues offered by the Konxari, “The color yellow. The Closet card. The arrow on the Secret card is pointing toward that closet.” The medium gestures toward a closet in the room. Inside the closet is a patch of faded yellow wallpaper on the back wall of the closet. It is peeled back to discover behind it is hidden an old note and a few envelopes. The note is signed Herbert Walton, and reads, “I didn’t want to lose you, Bridget. You were all I had. I was wrong. I hid these from you, not realizing that it would break your heart. I am sorry.”

The envelope holds a love letter from her suitor and a train ticket that he had sent her. A second letter from her suitor was unopened. The company opens it. It is another love letter. Also in the cache is a letter Bridget wrote to her suitor that her father never mailed.

“So that is what the Secret and Hiding cards indicate. Herbert hid the letters and the ticket from his daughter. Bridget thought she had been jilted, and in her sadness committed suicide by drowning in the lake.” There is a pause, and the medium addresses the spirit. “So now that the letters have been discovered, will Bridget be able to rest?” There is a moment of silence, then the bell rings once again, on its own, answering the medium’s question. Once again the séance party can see the button on the bell move down as if being struck by a phantom hand. It indicates a successful solving of the mystery and the conclusion of the séance.

Method: This séance may only work in an appropriately older building, however may be adapted to your situation. Create the old letters, note, train ticket, and newspaper article carefully, using old stamps, aging the paper to make everything look authentic. An old train or bus ticket is created on card stock from the HPLHS Prop Collection available at A newspaper article is created at to fit your situation. The items are planted in the closet in the room in which the séance shall occur, stuck with magician’s wax against the wall of the closet, and covered with a scrap of faded yellow wallpaper, which is also held in place with magician’s wax.

The medium uses a Silk Tarot Deck Sleeper, an elegant, custom made, lined bag available from Tarot Totes (, to secretly add cards to the shuffled Konxari pack. In his booklet Tricyclic, Doug Dyment points out that the cuff formed by the sleeper makes for a natural way to add cards to the top of a shuffled Tarot pack. This is a variation on his method.

Have the stack of Konxari cards that you wish to use in the cuff beneath the bag of Konxari cards, protruding half way from the cuff. You can remove the bag of cards and display both sides, with your left hand covering the tops of the hidden cards as you show the bottom. Remove the cards, display them, and hand them out for mixing by everyone present. You continue to hold the bag, moving it to your right hand. When the Konxari cards have been thoroughly mixed, take them in your left hand. Rest the bag on the pack for a brief moment as you remove a slip of parchment paper that has the Konxari chant on it. In the brief moment, your left thumb rests on the top of the stack of cards you want to bring into play, and as you move the bag out of the way, the stack of the cards are held in place and end up on top of the shuffled pack of cards. It is a very natural move.

The cards are spread and the spectators are encouraged to participate in the search for clues. The letters and numbers allow your spectators to find various clues, and the program plays much better when they discover the important clues rather than the medium. When they do not find the clues, however, the medium may lead the way.

The numbers 2 and 1 may be seen as Bridget’s age, or the date she died (astute players will note the date on the newspaper article is the 23rd and recognize she died two days prior). The letters allow the participants to almost spell out either Bridget or Herbert, and locate the initials of the police chief and the suitor.

The ringing of the bell may be accomplished using the Death Toll Spirit Bell marketed by Christopher Taylor and Bruce Ballon, which is examinable, electronic, and completely under the control of the performer, or it may be accomplished using black thread (see Belle, Book & Candle, in Arcana of Bizarre Magick) under the medium’s control.



WHISPERS By Walter Davis

This performance is designed as a lecture or discussion on psychology and the paranormal for a smaller audience in either a parlor setting or living room.

What the performer speaks will be typed normally, actions will be in italics, and the participant’s response will be in bold


Performer walks out on stage and addresses the audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, there have been anomalies in history of deeply tormented men compelled to murder by some unseen authority only in the end to be commanded by the same voice into taking their own life.

While sensational stories of their crimes scream out from the back pages of newspapers, they raise questions to the field of psychology. What can cause a man to commit murder? What unseen voice has the authority to command a man to take his own life?

Play phantom sounds quietly be sure to have speakers facing the audience one on each side of the parlor

When looking deeper into these strange cases, a bizarre behavior has been recorded and one constant speaks out to us.

Man has always been puzzled by such extreme behavior he witnesses in his fellow man and as such has tried to understand the motives behind the abnormal actions.

There are many people who believe that they have heard voices speaking to them that will never end up in an institution. It can be as simple as merely hearing your cell phone ringing or buzzing, to hearing a whisper calling out to them.

Some of you may have even heard voices right now.

To the average person free these phantom voices are usually not very interesting but psychology in its attempt to understand has created different theories to explain these auditory hallucinations.

For example, Behavioral Psychology says that hearing voices is a self-created hallucination by a person as a sort of psychological game or form of role-playing.

It supports the belief that the mentally ill do not actually hear voices but exhibit this behavior because they cannot function properly in normal society.

But, this approach denies something as happening in the mind and then saying the cure for the behavior is to change the social environment.

This is a contradiction because it is denying the mind but still blaming the hallucinations on an individual who is playing a psychological game.

Now Analytical Psychology admits to a mind and attempts to define it. An entire diagnostic system was developed by the American Psychological Society to do so. Yet no classification has been satisfactory, as most patients do not follow any single course of abnormal events!

So what is the psychological description of voice hearing?

It is voices range from bangs and whistles to organized meaningful sounds like speech and music. Most common are voices uttering short but understandable phrases.

Though concise in the description it cannot communicate the terror and confusion a person may feel when unknown voices are first heard.

Now what of the dissociation of consciousness theory?

It proposes that since we cannot hear the voices an individual hears and assumes to be real, and then the voices must be a delusion of his own mind.

These people are having a split in their normal thought process, as a protective reaction by the mind because of some conflict of two incompatible ideas.

But here we have criminals who in the end are commanded to kill themselves yet have expressed the fear of what these voices make them do.

Dissociation theory would claim that these voices urging suicide are an aspect of the criminal’s mind working as a defensive mechanism for survival. These voices demanding the death of the person destroy themselves as well.

Kind of contradicts this theory, doesn’t it?

More interesting is that these individuals believe the voices to be a real separate entity because they can clearly distinguish their own thoughts and those of the voices. It is as if an external force was invading their mind.

Maybe there exist external influencing forces that we have no control over?

This secret hypnotist’ have known for years; suggestion can become so absolute that it will change someone’s mood and feelings.

Everyone take a deep breath and close your eyes as I demonstrate for you the power of suggestion. Please follow my example.

Everyone I want you to extend your arms outward and clasp your hands together.

Now exhale deeply as you push your palms outward extending them above your head.

As you raise your hands above your head you will lose the ability to unlock your hands they will become locked together.

Try and pull your hands apart, you will find you cannot do so.

Please lower your arms and release your hands.

If a simple suggestion can cause you to not be able to free your hands then what can change Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde?

One three little word SEX!

We all know sexual suggestion is the greatest influence and the one we have the least control over!

For example, Men before you get excited try and not think about 15 minutes alone with your favorite sexual movie icon.

You cannot!

Why because this simple statement forces you to think it before you can negate the thought. But stopping the initial excitement is hard to do.

Ladies, I know you have already known this!

So, if sex is an external influence…how does this prove that spirits exist?

Through documented cases of possession like the Son of Sam, the child of the exorcist, and the Boston strangler!

Criminals who have performed bizarre acts of violence have an abnormally high sexual perversion AND the least control of their own mental state.

When questioned about their activities they all replied they were compelled to by another’s voice or irresistible thoughts that came from nowhere and consumed them until they complied.

But remember objective psychology needs objective motives and when one’s motives or actions are not rational by normal society, the person is classified as insane.

In other words, Psychologists are saying they don’t know why the person is acting this way when they label them insane!

But what does this have to do with Spirits you ask? Well over time Sigmund Freud introduced the world of science to the libido in his treatise on psychoanalysis.

He describes the libido as the sexual energy that is equal to a person’s psychic energy and the creative force that effects man’s vitality.

Interestingly though, man’s sexual drive does not match the patterns of the rest of the animal kingdom.

The animal kingdom has seasons and limits placed upon sexual intercourse confining it solely to reproduction.

Man does not know his limits. He is excessive in the pursuit of pleasure and will not place the limits of seasons or intercourse in his pursuit.

But then again, who is going to tell the supreme predator of the animal kingdom to have limits?!?!?

We, as men, take the vitality, the flesh of our prey and convert it to our own energy source.

The scientific law of energy states that excessive energy must go somewhere, but we have no visible predator!

Possibly, as light can exist outside of man’s visible spectrum, so too can it be with spirits and other entities.

Through the centuries man has used various methods to communicate with these spirits using everything from cephomancy or skulls placed upon the skin of an ass to the modern ouji board.

Take out spirit bell and place it on the table

We will be using a simple but effective method to make contact a simple bell as only a small amount of psychic energy is used to make it work.

Earlier we discussed how bizarre actions are correlated to sexual deviancy.

Take out 5 pictures and show them to the crowd

Here I have 5 pictures of different individuals, 1 of these persons suffered a tragic death at the hands of a confessed serial killer, who claimed he must take the life by the order of these voices and then berated him until he did what he was told. Only to be taunted still afterwards because he obeyed!

Mystics, Occultists, and Priests have known that a healthy mind is like a castle and its possession can only happen by a traumatic opening of the mental gates’ greatest weakness: THE SEXUAL DOOR!

A traumatic death causes a disruption in the natural balance and these defiled energies linger on earth as spirit manifestations until the spirit’s balance is restored.

In a moment we will attempt to reach out to this one specific spirit, the spirit of the individual so tragically taken.

But before we begin everyone stand up and raise your right hand.

If you responded earlier to the examples of suggestion, remain standing but lower your hand.

Keep in mind that if you did not respond to the suggestion you must still keep your hand up for the next question.

Now if you heard a voice speaking out to you or checked your cell phone thinking you heard it ring or vibrate in the beginning of our lecture please sit down.

Select a female member of the audience who looks to be receptive and expressive

Thank you everyone you may lower your hands and sit down.

Ma’am, you responded to both to both questions, what is your name?

Wait for response

Since you are sensitive to your environment, join me onstage as everyone else gives you a round of applause.

Raise hands as cue for her to join you and for the audience to clap

Demonstrate the passing of the picture over the bell with the picture side visible

Please take these pictures one at a time and slowly pass it over the bell and say out loud so the entire room may hear “ARE YOU THE ONE?”

Do this for each picture until you feel you have received a response.

When the bell rings have the participant embrace the picture

(lady’s name)_____ please embrace this picture and let your compassion flow through to the spirit.

You will see that nothing is on the back of these 4 pictures.

Openly display the backs of each of the other 4 pictures

Please tell the rest of the audience what is on the back of your selected picture!

Lady says Newspaper clipping of murder

Take back the picture and show the audience the backside

(lady’s name)___ thank you for your sensitivity and compassion. Please sit back down.

This lady a moment ago connected with a spirit and selected the one picture connected to such a tragedy.

Wisdom of the ages has shown that which science is just learning, but it also explains much that science and psychology cannot.

And with that, my friends, I leave up to you to decide are we truly at the top of the food chain? Are there spirits and manifestations that prey on our psychic energies? Or is our collective unconscious just playing tricks of with our mind?


Methods employed

L&D test

Auditory illusion effect

External Influence effects

Built into script psuedo-hypnosis effects


Most of the people coming to see the show will be in it for giggles. I have to change the attitude to make get them into a bizarre mood.

Set up:
A circular table with 4 chairs, 2 each on either side of one larger, ornate chair. More chairs form a gallery opposite the larger chair. The table is empty save for the DTSB with a glass covering like a bell jar.

Initial entry:
Assistant brings people into room. Sits them in chairs around table and in gallery. Ominous music. I enter and sit in larger, ornate chair. I'm carrying a small box with a visual meter on it and put it on the table.

Initial pitch: (note: I'm not going to write down exact patter because patter tends to become hackneyed and tired. Instead, just concepts to present)
A) When I started investigating the paranormal, I didn't believe it, either.
B) Box I put on table is an EMF meter. I turn it on and it sounds like a slow Geiger counter. I explain what it is and what it does. "If we are able to bring spirits here, the first thing we'll see and hear are signs from the EMF meter."

Beginning: Rapport
A) "In order for us to contact spirits, we need to have our minds aligned, what is called being "in rapport." We all breathe together to unite us.
B) Perform some mental effects with each of the people at the table. Examples: a book test, a chosen card prediction where all cards other than chosen one are blank, living/dead test, end with Kmepper's Time Machine, taking everyone back to a hotel in 19th century England with me knowing the exact date and producing a British penny with that date. 4 balls are placed in a bag, 3 are white, one is black. Each person takes a ball and doesn't let anyone else see it.

Lights in room dim. I tell the story of a small hotel on Loch Ness. It was here people stayed when waiting to meet "the evilest man alive," Aleister Crowley, who was living in a house called Boleskine right on the Loch. The Bell, on the table, was the bell from the main desk at the Culloden House, a hotel where people stayed before going to Boleskine. Built over 300 years ago, it's called "Culloden House" because it was the headquarters for Bonnie Prince Charlie before the Battle of Culloden.

At the time Crowley was in Boleskine, Culloden House had hired a new bellboy, one Hugh MacGregor, just 11 years old. It drove some of the people crazy because he liked the sound of the bell on the desk. One night, a male guest returned to Culloden House from Crowley. He was drunk, speaking loudly, and had a very beautiful woman with long dark hair with him. They had Hugh help him up to the guest's room. The door was heard to lock with Hugh still inside. Over the next several hours, strange sounds of chanting and foreign words came from the room. Around 3:00 in the morning, a coach came and picked up the woman. There were scratches over her face. At 5:00, another coach came and picked up the male guest.

Hugh was never seen again.

It is said that, on occasion, the bell would ring although nobody was near it.

In 1997, Culloden House was remodeled. They did away with the need for a bell and sold it at auction. I was in Scotland at the time and was able to buy it, not knowing that the spirit of Hugh MacGregor was so attached to it.


Have everyone repeat, "Hugh MacGregor visit us!"

Repeat again.

The ticking of the EMF meter starts to increase.

Repeat again.

The ticking of the EMF meter goes crazy. I have to shut it off. Suddenly candles light by themselves and loud knocks are heard. Is that you, Hugh? More knocks. Come closer.

Pay Off:
Come closer, Hugh.
Long pause.
Beg him to come closer.
We can play a game.
Look. I have the bell from your hotel.
A knock is heard
I take the glass dome from the bell and show it. See? It's your old bell. Do you want to play with it?
I put it down. pause.
Can I cover it? 1 ring. (I explain 1=yes, 2=no)
I cover it. It still rings. Remove cover.
Can we play a game now? 1 ring. I explain the balls chosen earlier. Go through each person. Hugh reveals who has the black ball. Suddenly, the candles go out. I turn on the EMF meter. The clicking returns to normal.

Hugh MacGregor has left the room. Final thanking talk. Lights up. Seance ends.



Show the bell and a diary / journal....I tell my friends, who has gathered together, that this was something my mother picked up in one of her antique hunting expeditions (she is an antique dealer, of course). She thought it was a little macabre, and knowing my interests, she bought it for me.

The diary/journal actually was a short narrative....let me read it to you.

The little boy, all he only wanted to do was ring the bell in the orchestra. His family was poor, very poor and they couldn't afford one – it was consider an extra curriculum expense. The little boy (let’s call him Tim, though not his real name) was walking to school. It was the same route that he always took, but today the doors were ajar. Then he heard it – the bell ringing! Something came over him; he stopped in his tracks and listened – again he heard it. Just like the orchestra bell. Creeping forward to the open doors he peered in. That’s when he saw it on the counter. He would just borrow it and return it after school. He grabbed it and ran as fast as he could. He never made it to school – but the bell, it sounded when it should (right on cue) as if Tim were there playing it. RING.

One could (at the end of the reading, and after giving my friends a chance to digest what happened) say how I discovered that this was Timmy's bell...that much to my amazement, on the inside of the bell was inscribed 'In memory of Timmy'. (Show inside of the bell and the inscription.)





I was the night jockey at the Savory during it hey days…the stories I could tell you <grinning> but those will be for another day.

I can remember this like it was yesterday...I was putting the mail in the pigeon slots. The bell rang and when I turned around there was no one there. I called out and looked over the edge of the counter thinking that someone was playing a prank. There was no one there. I must be hearing thing, so I went back to my task at hand. A few moments later the bell rang again...turning quickly I thought that I would catch whoever playing games with me....alas, I caught no one. So, being the smart one that I am I set up my Polaroid (or digital camera – whatever is appropriate for the time frame) to catch the preps picture! As soon as the bell rings I would snap a picture....I didn't have to wait long....
(Actually, give someone in the audience (or group) a the camera. Have that person take the picture when the bell rings the third time. That person will then return the camera to you and you can proceed.)

I (the person that has the camera) take the picture as the bell rings...the developed picture shows --- a ghost ringing the bell......




The bizarrist relates:

‘In Inquanok, bells were rung in the early evening hours in honor of the Elder Gods. When the ringing was heard all people of Inquanok bowed their heads and were silent.
‘The bowing and the silence remained until the ringing ceased. If anyone spoke or raised their head, that was considered a sign of disrespect towards the Elder gods and that was something that was not done…it could lead to horrible things. One could be….’
The ringing starts; bizarrist puts finger to lips indicating that all should be quiet, as he slowly bows his head. The bell rings a second time, then it rings a third time…but before the ringing stops, the bizzarist starts to talk again…

‘…scarred for life’. He lifts his head. His eye is seen hanging for the eye socket.’
He spoke before the ringing stopped. He leaves for a moment and returns with a patch over the eye.

The eye can a simple prank to something created by Doug H (if he would do such).



It is now over 120 twenty years since my Great Grandfather died. Without whom we wouldn’t own this lovely Victorian house that we sit in today. My Grandfather was a hat maker to Royalty both in England and Europe. He was renowned for the design and quality of his hats. The money he received allowed him to live a good and prosperous life, it also gave him the money to buy this house, which has been passed down through the generations ever since.
Just recently I have been experiencing strange occurrences with this old hat box, nothing certain that I can put my finger on, but I am sure it has moved slightly from where I last left it. It was his favourite hat case as it was the one that used to contain the first hat that he did for the Tsar of Russia.
Today I would like to see if we could contact his spirit to allow my mind to settle about the hat box and the strange feeling I have towards it. I have also brought a bell that stood in his shop for the customers to gain his attention and some replicas of his business card that I have had made, unfortunately there is only one of his business card left which is far too fragile to use, so I have had these made to preserve their design.
The hat box is placed in the middle of the table surrounded by the sitters, inside is placed the bell and a single business card with today’s date on it, is placed underneath it,the lid is then put back on the hat box and silence falls through the room.
After what seems like an eternity a muffled ringing of the bell is heard. The lid is removed and it is seen that there is a single word on the card “Believe”.



Haunted Hotel

“One of my favorite times of the year is Halloween. I loved to be scared staying up late at night with all the lights out watching a horror movie.”
Music begins to play – Clip of Psycho theme
“The classic slasher film ‘Psyco’ created a new standard for horror movies.”
Music changes to theme from “The Exorcist”
“For me, the scariest movie of all time is ‘The Exorcist’!
Music changes to the theme from “Halloween”
“And who could ever forget the cult classic ‘Halloween’.
Music fades out
“Tonight, I am going to let one of you become a part of a living horror movie. I need a victim, I mean volunteer.”
Performer steps out into the audience as the theme from “Jaws” plays. Female volunteer is selected and joins the performer on stage.
“Welcome. What is your name? Nice to meet you. Tonight, you will become part of a nightmare. You will play the part of the herein. Imagine you are all alone driving down a dark lonely road. It is past midnight and it is raining.”
The sound of rain is now heard.
“Of course the inevitable happens, your car breaks down. You see a hotel just down the road and decide to head out in the rain.”
Thunder is now heard
“You arrive to the hotel and open the door. You step inside and walk up to the counter. Behind the counter is a clock. In your mind see the clock and see the hour that you have stepped into this nightmare. So that you do not forget or if we need to refer to it later, please write down the hour that this nightmare is taking place on the back of my business card while my back is turned. Turn the card face down. I will place it back for safe keeping.”
Wallet is placed in jacket pocket as peek is obtained or use your favorite method to find out the hour.
“As you look around the lobby, no one is around. There is a large bell on the desk and you reach out to ring the bell when the lights go out! Please place your middle finger on the bell but do not ring it just yet. I will place this blindfold over your eyes to simulate total darkness.”
Very dark ambient music now begins to play.
“As you stand in complete darkness, you feel as if someone…or rather something is watching you.”
You remove a very scary looking doll from your case. The audience reacts accordingly and makes the spectator feel uneasy.
“You are not alone. Something is watching you. Something is making a connection with you!”
You hold the dolls arm straight out, pause a moment, then quickly move the dolls hand down. At the same moment of the motion, the blindfolded spectator rings the bell!
“Please remove the blindfold and look to your left. This is what has been watching you. This is Victoria. She haunts the hotel! She has made a connection with you and made you ring the bell.”
You can then perform PK Touches with the doll and the blindfolded spectator or move straight to the finish.
“This nightmare has taken place during a certain time of the night. When you looked behind the desk in your mind, you saw a clock and you saw what hour this nightmare has taken place. Concentrate on that time. Victoria, can you tell us what time this nightmare has taken place?”
The performer looks towards the assistant and says,
“Please do not say anything while I see if Victoria knows what time you have in your mind. One, Two, Three.”
The bell rings once as the performer calls out one of the numbers. The performer then asks,
“Yes or no, is that the hour that you imagined that this nightmare has taken place?”
Spectator responds yes! The theme from the Twilight Zone plays as the performer asks for a round of applause for the volunteer.

You will need a Death Toll Bell, Scary Doll and a method for a p**k.
PK Touches is a marketed effect so you will have to purchase the effect.


BONUS: Not a submission for the contest - but Ron Dayton, one of our featured mad poets of Ythill, submitted this bizarre ballad for use with the Bell and one of the Lemarchand and Munch composition boxes.  The keeper felt it would be wise to include it here... so enjoy!



Black satin covering cloths conceal two objects on your table at the start of your routine.


Gesturing toward the table you say;

  Mementos of another place and time, part of a tale my uncle told.

Fact, fantasy or lunacy, you decide after hearing it unfold.

Unfortunately, my uncle is now dead, so I cannot verify the many things he said.

His rendition, in his own words:

"Entering its front doors and stepping in, the massive lobby seemed to devour me."

  Making my way to the main desk I was greeted by silence preceded by the sound of my own footsteps upon the marble floor.

An ornate silver service bell abandoned on the desk;mute witness to my arrival.    A tempting bauble for a scavenger such as I.  It slid effortlessly into my jacket pocket.  Temporary custody you might say, rather than purloined.  


On a shelf at the rear of the desk, a box sat like a casket of souls buried in the shadows.

    Bells, they say provide protection from evil spirits lying in wait for souls to torment or destroy. 

  Faith, if I possessed it, might help me to believe.  

  Old hotels such as this have as many stories as there are rooms, closets for every skeleton.

The building and its residents, victims of the metamorphosis of life and death.

Death has many faces in places such as this.

Guests arrive with baggage of every description.    Desires, weakness, and addiction.


Run-down, dilapidated, even seedy, would have been kind adjectives; to describe the decaying building I surveyed.


  Signs of its former glory remained in the detailed work of long dead craftsmen /artisans.


  Over time there had been gradual decline, deterioration and infestation of every kind.


 Sadly now the wrecking ball was to be her fate.


My job, to scavenge and salvage everything I could, anything which might be resold. 


  Sconces, stained glass windows, ornate hardware, and such. Not that there was much of value left. 


But one mans trash as they say… And so I made my way from floor to floor, trying every door to see what lie inside once it was open wide.


  Most reflected what this hotel had become.  


 A flop house and little more, a haven for drug users, each deviate and whore.  


 Rented by the month, the week, the day, or by the hour. 


 Rooms where one assumes a dark nature may have entered.


Other entities as well?    


 I hear myself asking, "Is this heaven, or is it hell?"


The wall of the hall was a smoke stained toffee brown. 


  The color made dark brown doors of the rooms seem even darker. 


  Something drew me or compelled me to walk further down the hall.


 Counting off room numbers without ever going in. 


 Until I came to the darkest door.

  It had no number of its own, yet, somehow its silent call had beckoned me.


My palm was wet with sweat as I turned the knob and entered.


  A simple wooden table, a bed, and a three drawer dresser were the modest furnishings.


  A torn tallow color roller shade bathed the room in a surreal golden feel of warmth, not really there.  


The warm smell of colitas rising in the air. 

  I am aware of subliminal ghostly lyrics swimming in my brain.


Whispering voices in the corridor, a mantra like refrain.

"Such a lovely place, such a lovely face.”

Drifting toward the ball room, cloaked in a purple haze, my eyes in upward gaze.

Peered into a ceiling fully mirrored.  

 Seeing things as I had not before.

A woman's Tiffany twisted hair slithered snake-like through the grass.

Pink Champaign on ice overflowed its glass.

 Pretty, pretty boys, danced erotically. Possibly for her…Possibly for me. 

I’ll take a pass for now, anon Anton. 

 So hard to conceive, guests here may check out, and yet never leave.

Few escape to tell.   Eternally enslaved, unsaved by its dark mission bell.


The Hotel California, first Satanic Church of America, 1969.

Figuratively and literally, a gateway to damnation. 

My saving grace, means of  freedom and salvation? 

The only bell it seems the angels heard  a tollin'

  was the silver service bell  which I had stolen.






Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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