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Hello fellow mystery folk,

As promised, we would post the results of those with the most charitable hearts and who would win the KING IN YELLOW 8/13 and runner-ups who would receive the ARCANA CARCOSA.

The very first purchaser of the book was the highest as well... DAVID SACKS at $75!!!!!  Not only that, in the spirit of giving, he said even if he won, he would want to put the book up for auction to raise more funds... what a guy!!!!

Well, because of that - this is what the King in Yellow Decrees... David will receive the book anyway, along with some extra goodies from the Collection.... and we'll honour his request by continuing the contest by now offering book #9/13.  We don't repeat surprises so we won't offer #10 after that... read below for how it can be won.

The runner-up was a tie - between STEPHEN MURRAY and DARCY LOGANat $50 each!!!!  The prize was for a deck of ARCANA CARCOSA but I cannot remember if they already have them or not - if so, let me know and we'll send something completely different from the Collection!

So here is the scoop - until the Ides of February, the contest is still on, except for the 3 winners whose pledges have already been awarded.  $25 will still get you the book... and whoever at the time of Midnight Feb 16th has the highest pledge will win Book #9.  If there is a clear runner-up, they will also win some strange items from the collection... perhaps one of the few remaining ARCANA CARCOSA decks (there was 66, I now have 4 left I am willing to part with).

(Somebody asked if they could add on more to their original payment to be counted towards the contest, the answer is - sure, why not!)

For those who bought by Groundhog Day, BONUS #1 has been sent to you regarding the Preparation of the Essential Saltes.  You will also receive any additional bonuses from now on that are in regards to the SOMNIUM TENEBRAE project.

(We'd like to hear how you resurrect the liveliest awfullness.... its messy bit so much fun!)

Kindest regards,

The Custodians of the Collection

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"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

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