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Madame D'Ys loved the opera.  She also loved the occult.  She wanted to really experience the music and the stories in more powerful forms.  To that end, she foolishly read a section in the second act of the King in Yellow... granting her a secret to fulfill her dreams but at the price of her mind as well as her material existence.  She had the opera glasses created using a mysterious metallurgic process and had the lenses cut to specifications from a particular crystalline mineral rumoured to only be found on the plateau of Leng.  Once she started using it... she could see beyond the veils of time and space... but unfortunately things in these nether realms could see her too.  She went missing one day - her bedroom a shambles and covered in blue ichor.  The glasses vanished yet turn up once in a while in various hands...but never do they stay with anyone long...



Strange unclear time period or style metal object with multifaceted lenses.  Artistic looking, clearly yet old with stylized modern accents. It also gives off a scent of absinthe... the lenses are clear but will distort vision in a shattered visage.  No gimmicks required... in the hands of someone who can suggest and bring forth the imagination... well...



Pure bronze.  Not coated when finished to allow artificial aging process.  The object is about 5" folded, and the lenses are crystal octagons. Created in collaboration by a professional metal artist of 30 years experience who has worked for groups such as the Circ de Soliel.  


Boil 2 eggs for ~ 20 minutes.

While still hot and in shell, place in an airtight ziploc bag with object you want aged... the object being away from the eggs. Seal.

Smash the eggs!  Smash them real good!  As they are hot, you may want to use a towel or just take another object to smash them.

Sulfur is released with steam from the shattered shells and the bag will inflate with it... the steam turning to water at the top of the bag.

You can rub the bag on the item... or just leave it for a while.  I left the object for ~ 30 minutes.

Watch carefully you don't go past how dark you want them.

If you want some dark mottled spots, let the egg come in contact with it.


BEFORE - its hard to show but it gleams like gold and no spots

Into the bag

Here comes the hard boiled eggs


30 minutes later... darker and aged.

Look more closely


Then the object will be placed back into a ziploc with essence of Absinthe for a time.


Part of the Yellow Sign Seance!

Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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