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Wub Wassail Wone





  • · The hallow Frater Than
  • · The Kaijuian G. Godzilla
  • · The mysterious HeatherV
  • · The learned Matcut
  • · The arcane Professor C.H. Scrye
  • · The Ragged Robin
  • · And the Royal King of the Ant Hills



The Hovercar came Friday night to bring the guests to the High Castle where lives the Wub.  Unfortunately, Prof Scrye and Heather did not appear, perhaps having to deal with extradimensional intrusions and what not.


The guests arrived and were ushered into the Great Hall of Wub and given refreshments and were settled into the dining area.


The Wub welcomed the wayfarers to the wassail!





Selection of artisanal cheeses with sliced pears, figs, nuts, chocolate, and more.


Chef Box’s Seafood Odyssey Platter


Along with a special plate of sashimi (without cheese as requested… Obi Sushi Cantaloupe came to give the guests a lesson on sashimi eating)


Chef Garfield’s Lasagna (who will also dance for the guests’ entertainment)


Teas hot and icy cold… and our friendly bartender will give a tutorial on making the perfect Long Island Ice Tea


For the non-vegetarians, please share a steak with our lovely friend


or try freshly made Cumberland sausage with mashed potatoes and onion gravy.


(Note that the Wub was aghast at that last request – but he always tries to appease his guests!  Robin, a vegetarian, was given a seat next to the Wub where they could eat non-animal substances. And a special supply of Baltika #7 with Apple Cider imported from Kapheer.)


An Alderaneeian brought in a platter of hummus wraps with alien exotic vegetables to complete the table settings.




As the party commenced, the Wub explained that the purpose of a Wub Wassail is to share the Wub and discuss the wobbly art of mystery.  The guests having been kind enough to show a kindness in the community, the wub decided to let them feast and discuss why they wubbed the art of Magic.  He explained also how he got to Earth in the first place.


Everyone was impressed and eyed the food twice… then kept gobbling it anyway as it was very tasty.


The Mysterious Mat said “I love the art of magic because it has the potential to challenge reality, punctuating the soft, grey, woolen, mundane fabric of our lives with sharp, bright, intense, uncomfortable and unexpected experiences.”


The Wub wubbed it and told this tale:


The large radioactive Kaiju known as Godzilla stated “Magic may not be viewed as reality, but if we can make them forget that for a moment, (suspension of disbelief) it does become, magic!”

Some musical band busted in and took up a tune


The royal king finished his drink and said, “My step father showed me a version of the four kings. That Christmas I got a mysto magic set, and I was hooked. Mystery and the unknown powers have interested me ever since, I did my first paid show for an audience of adults at age…”

Suddenly a magician appeared in front of the King and did a routine for him in his honour…

The King bravo’d and gobbled more tasties.


Then Ragged Robin spoke and said she didn't belong as she really didn’t contribute to giving a name suggestion for Arnie… but more of a stab at where the name "Arnie" came from.  She explained it was a reference to the Church of the Sub-Genius ritual for the Miraculous Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer.  She denied explaining just "how" she knew about it…

The Wub blubbered “Well, we were wapped with wub with what woo shwared.  Welcome!!!!”

Robin then told all "I love the art of Mystery and Magic because we haven't seen the world without them, as it truly is, for that long a time and it reminds us where we came from." (..because I think Jaynes was on the right track.)

Some people asked her were the Jaynes and a giant screen descended and a video played…



Finally, the hallowed Frater wiped his mouth, saying he was somewhat unsure if he was allergic to the haute cuisine until he realized it was hallucinogenic cuisine… and smiled.


He grabbed an Odin’s tipple and quaffed the stout brewed by Haandbryggeriet.   and told his reasons…:

“Through magic and mystery I am able to become a conduit and a medium to communicate the Otherness, and Strangeness I feel about the world ... personally, culturally, semantically, spiritually and ideologically.”


“Wooo!  What a wonderful wound up of wisions for the art!” cried the Wub.


As the evening came to an end, the wub thanked the guests for the wubbley evening and off they went away from the High Castle and back to their own space-time coordinates they came from.



Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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