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Ron Dayton


NAME: Ronald J. Dayton

MYSTIC NAME: KOTAH (King of the Ant Hill)









If JTR had been a policeman, what weapon might have performed the required tasks?
Given leverageto garrotte the victim, provide a
slicing blade and have a rounded tip for prodding?  A weapon which could do all that and remain hidden in plain view?
Possibly  custom crafted night syick and lanyard cord.


"This one cost about seven dollars to make.

A toy  hollow plastic night stick from E bay.
Part of a cut off shovel handlem\, slotted to take the knife blade.
A knife purchased at good will for fifty cents,
Shovel handle cut to length , inserted and glued inside the body of the truncheon.
The knife handle inserted and glued inside the handle of the club, and a bit of cord tied to the hanf\dle  completed the kit.
Was made in less than an hour."









ACTUAL AGE: Unknown. Apparently the picture seen here is identical to one Ebenezer Jebediah Daytom of Salem, during the time of the Witch Hunts.

SURFACE BACKGROUND: Ronald resides in WL, USA and has been interested in magic from the age of 9. He became keenly interested in Bizarre and Storytelling magic in 1999. He has been a MUM columnist for 13 years, ICOM instructor on the website, author of 27 books on magic. A 25 year member of both SAM and the IBM. Inventor of the Opium Coin and Crackerjack. He loves coin effects and enjoys writing and drawing. The International Conservatory of Magic's resident scholar. Ron is one of the most respected names in magic being known far and wide for his expertise and originality pertaining to the conjuring arts. His material has appeared in:

· MUM (author of the column "Dayton's Deceptions" for the last decade!)

· The Magic Manuscript

· Magicgram

· Linking Ring

· Abra

· Buff's Leaflets

· Karl Fulves rope volumes

· Books of effects for Neal Prete's Shake Sphere routines

· The New Modern Magi

· The Wisch Purse routines, Aldo Colombini's "On The Ropes" and Chuck Romano's "The Art of Deception".

· Ron is also the creator of hundreds of marketed magic effects available nationwide. He is the author of:

· Card Magic; Off The Beaten Path, Hung Up On Ropes, Ropes With A Different Twist, U-Neek Rope Magic, Cord-ially Yours, Rope Without End, A Conjuror's Collage, Press-Tidigataion, Legerdemine, Secret Thoughts, Dayton's Delights, Crystal Cups, One of A Kind Magic, Jenny-U-Wan Magic Vols 1-2-3, Visual Fantasies, The Whole Art of Clippo..., Simply Amazing, The Strange Reflections Vol 1-2, The Magic Playground, Renaissance of Rope, Spoof...It's Magic.

DEEPER BACKGROUND: Yet, Ron’s abilties to conjure dark poetry has been recognized by the mysterious entities that reside within the Carcosa Collection. Due to following the Muse of Madness, the Keepers have created an installation featuring some of KOTAH’s sinister sonnets and blasphemous ballads. In fact, some scholars believe KOTAH is channeling the words from the original writings of the King in Yellow play… or due to the paradox of time, is one of the original writers.

And now… gaze upon the ancient walls where the custodians and servants of the Keepers have carved into the basalt the words of KOTAH.


Lovely lady, America,
You were but a nun.
The other nation's bleating sheep,
You took in every one.
Beads of sweat and truth your rosary bespoke.
Why did it begin, our countries sin?
When all your vows you. broke
In God we trust, taught by your order.
Drown out by shells, exploding mortar
The political church will apologize,
Justifies the way you've acted; .
But does not scrutinize /
Tries to cure what you have contracted.
Forgive me but I am no longer sure.
Why must Christian soldiers march onward as to war?
Now instead of reading Psalms.
We read of death and roadside bombs.
Blood of the sacrificial calf?
Who's son shall be cut in half?
Why has Christ's bride,
Cast the dove aside?
lovely Lady, America.You were but a nun.
Thy will be done, thy will be done .


Knaves and vandals are too brash too crass to share my  misgivings.

For me, places such as this conjure up  the stories of Edgar Allen Poe.

The night, black as  a raven, reinforces fears.

My heartbeat quickens and  blood courses through my veins.

The pressure creates a ringing in my ears.  I  wonder, am I the only one who hears ?

A distant ring-ting- ting, does it  emanate from under the  ground?

The sound brings to mind a time before bodies were embalmed. An era in which the  dread of being buried alive, gripped the nation.

The public shaken, strange preventive measures  taken.

Glass windows in the coffin,  more often; a system to ring a bell at some  remote location.

Once rung, the hope was, someone would  come to your aid.

Alas the best laid plans of mice and men.  If prematurely buried, don't pin your hope on a bell and rope for your safe keeping.

Those at the other end, on whom you depend, are likely sleeping.

Poe understood and captured the essence of death with each stroke of his pen.  He understood as well, the darkest fears of men.

The hell of it I guess is that the bell may be part of the  bitter Eucharis of death.

How very queer, is  that a bell I hear?


Morticians , in the past , I have been told, re-sold  clothing an embalmed cadaver' wore.

The  formaldehyde leeched from within the corpse,into the fabric of the suit.

Moot point once the toxins poison killed the  unwary purchaser.

Death by contact / contamination is a frightening thing.

I wonder how many other fabrics may be carrying  toxins such as these?

Sheets and mattresses, pillow cases  with traces lingering?

My mind will never be at ease, while thoughts of sickness and disease,.. reside inside my skull .

Upon which bed has someone passed, his last breath expelled as if a sigh from within his chest?

Bodies at the moment death arrives, void themselves. Substances  regurgitated, urinated, defecated, ejaculated.

Was this bed at one time a death bed as well? How long had the  deceased   marinated in the putrid smell of  his own eliminations?

Did he lay until the process of decay began?  Was there time for blow flies to be attracted?
Arriving to feast, or at the very least deposit  her young, nourished by rotting flesh and dung.

Grim thoughts indeed.  Death the great Liberator,  is a violator too.  My mind is drawn to such darkness .

If the mattress absorbs things physical, does the pillow upon which his head was cradled; absorb

his thoughts, philosophies or agendas, madness?

Did he hear the Banshee call , or was he mad?

Am I going mad as well?

I dare not dwell on the possibility.

I cannot risk the refuge of an unknown bed.

Doubts and fears like pooling blood, settle in my brain' remain as a dark  lividity.

A dreadful specter which cannot be shaken .

Strange, deluded paranoia some will say.  Perhaps.

Why then  do scientists still examine the  Shroud of Turin for viable DNA?

Lurking in all death beds,   an unseen presence near.  Something which whispers in  our ear ?

Within our darkest dream, neither Banshees nor the Reaper need not call us with a scream.





Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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