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This endeavour is to develop an entire cadre of alien/ET/xenomorph/UFO/X-Files/etc. style presentations for an evening of otherworldly majic-al entertainment.

Named after the MAJESTIC-12 Conspiracy (click Below) AKA MAJIC-12, it is a double entendre regarding the mentalism, magical performance field and the legends surrounding Area 51, Roswell, Tunguska and so on.



Consider this a surreal warehouse for the unearthly - and of course quite fitting for Carcosa!


If you would like to add any ideas, routines, items, devises and resources, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with subject header MAJIC12




The Hyperdrive Coil
The Spheroids
The Mobius Antigrav configuration
USVA Case 316




Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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The Book

Thought of the Eon

There is a concept that is the corrupter and destroyer of all others. I speak not of Evil, whose limited empire is that of ethics; I speak of the infinite.

-Jorge Luis Borges