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Developed to truly display arcane books and other curious items in the style they deserve


Having acquired various ancient tomes of lore, for showcasing as well as for illusion performances, I sought a piece to truly do them justice.  Some offerings from the community left me cold in their lack of originality and design.  I therefore went back in time to where often ancient gems of greatness can be found.

Indeed I found what I sought... developed by Thomas Jefferson!

Not only does this give the concept a feeling of history - it is also quite a delightful design.   You can really show off the books with their covers... rotate them around... and get an old world feel.


Background on the Jefferson Bookstand

However, they are expensive


And if you search around, the minimum is around $500 with a 1 year wait list to $1500+ from some artisans.  With good reason - these are not exactly easy to build...


I built my own version based on various resources

And here is another example

And there are other examples hidden in nooks across the web


I will tell you this - being not the most handy, it was a hell of a project.  However, as I wanted to gimmick it up, I couldn't buy the ready made ones.  I am glad I did not chop off a hand in the process!  My kudos to all wood workers out there! I am not going to try this again myself!


Mine is designed with magnetic clasps and various secrets to allow the panels to slam shut - have the bookcase revolve slightly - and allow me to know when an item is taken or replaces on one of the holding panels from 30 m away remote style.   If you know of my other works and with who - you can divine what sort of things have been embedded into the Haunted Bookcase concept.  Plus, the box is fully examinable (assuming people don't try to chop it up with an axe).


Because of its nature, the space within can carry a ton of books, items, etc. the entire spook-show/seance act.


There are more secrets and effects it can do - I'm still putting it through the paces.  In some ways I am trying the old haunted box, Dean's Box and other interesting things.


As mentioned before - DIY when you can - and collaborate with those who can help.  You will thank yourself over and over when you create your own unique items for your own unique acts.






Tome Tribute

"They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk in dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates stll gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in Hell."

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten

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